Digital Download Contact Form

If you are experiencing problems with your digital download, we apologize and are here to help you resolve the issue.

Many times to solution is as simple as correcting a number in our system or insuring you have the correct number for your file. Please use the form below to contact us so that we can resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Most support messages are answered within 24 hours of receipt. However during show weekends we will not be able to answer you until after the show closes or, in some cases, when we get back in our main offices.

Please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have not received a response from us within 5 days, please verify that our response email is not in your junk mail folder and/or that you have whitelisted our email domain,, with your internet service provider before you contact us again.

Also please check the following before contacting us to speed up the process:

  • Did you buy a digital download? Remember digital downloads are not automatically included with any VIP type package. There are very few exceptions, such as all digital shows, and you will have been issued a digital download card to redeem along with your photo op ticket. You must purchase a digital print ticket in addition to your printed photo. If you did not purchase your digital download you can purchase them online now. Just click here.
  • Did you redeem your purchased digital download with someone in the print area or at the sales desk AFTER you picked up your print? If NO you need to contact us using the form below. Your image will not have been uploaded. We do not upload your digital file until you redeem the digital download ticket after you pick up your actual print. It is not automatic. We will be glad to help you with this situation.
  • Did you select the correct show from the drop down list on the form? There are many shows listed over time. Make sure you selected the correct show AND the correct year for the show.
  • Did you enter the correct number for your image? Be sure to enter is exactly as shown including letters, numbers, leading zeros and dashes. The number on your image corresponds to the filename of your photo and it is how we locate you. If you are certain you entered the number printed on your image correctly and selected the correct show then please contact us using the form below so we can help you.
  • If you selected the correct show and your number is from a ticket issued after the photo op (pre January 2015) then there may be a ticketing issue. The number could be off by a few digits in either direction.  We will be glad to help you locate your image. Contact us using the form below.

If after checking all of the above you still have an issue or you just want to talk to us about your digital download in general you may contact us using the form below. Thanks!